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April 9, 2007 / missallaneous

A Bunny-less Easter

My Easter narrative, a day late! It was a long, fun-filled day and internet was not available for immediate posting… but here’s the post I wrote after my Easter experience at the Vatican!

* * *

Buona Pasqua! :) We were up at 5 this morning, caught the bus to the Vatican at 6.10am, and we were in line behind the gates by 6.30 in the morning! After waiting for 2 hours, the gates were opened and it was all a little crazy! We were shoved by eager Easter celebrators through the gates and had to almost fight our way through the line for the metal detectors (of course there was Pope- security! :P)

8.30am We got amazing seats in the very first section, right in front of the stage and by an aisle where the Pope – “Papa” – was supposed to drive by in his Popemobile :D (That’s honestly what they call it! Even the nuns refer to it as his Popemobile!).

Missa, Steph + Kristine in Palazzo Pio

10.30am TWO HOURS of waiting pass, and finally, Domenica di Pasqua, Celebrata dal Santo Padre Benedetto XVI begins! The Pope walks through the aisles and up to the stage with much pomp and ceremony (pictures are up!) and when he passes by, he’s literally about 5 feet away from me! Yup. I got to hang out with the Pope. For about 3 seconds.

Papa Benedetto XVI

The mass is a leeetle long, and mostly in Italian and Latin, but it was absolutely exhilarating to be at Easter service and to take communion with thousands of others in front of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. We were warned that communion was a free-for-all chaos of people pushing and shoving for the Holy Eucharist (um, yeah… lotsa irony here), but from where we were, it wasn’t bad at all… very civilized. So yeah, I received communion blessed by the Pope. Kinda crazy…

After his message, and the benediction accompanied by a beautiful choir (la schola), Papa Benedetto XVI closed by wishing everyone Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter) and gave his blessing in about 30 different languages.

We walked back to our apartment from the Vatican to our apartment and headed over to some of the girls’ place on Via Gofredo Mameli and celebrated with a huuuuuge Easter Brunch that went on till 4pm (Hehehe… lotsa eats!). We had bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, dutch babies, fruit salad, french toast, a whole variety of cheeses and bread, and mimosas :) Professore brought a traditional GIANT EASTER EGG and we broke it, pulled out the ever disappointing toy inside (it was a little tote bag), and polished off the delicious chocolate egg (mmm…) :)

11 hours, lotsa waiting in line, lotsa being aggressive in line, meeting the Pope, and a satisfying Easter brunch…that was probably the most eventful Easter of my life. What an experience!

Pace e buona pasqua, tutti!
(Peace be with you all, and happy Easter!)



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  1. shadycasino / Apr 10 2007 1:41 pm

    That sounds amazing, I love the very unique experiences you get to have while abroad! Some of mine I’ll never forget. was it weird being in a catholic setting?

  2. zoku / Apr 11 2007 12:57 am

    im so envious. that sounds pretty fun and amazing. eat some more gelatto and other lovely foods for me! i still need to email you.

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