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March 9, 2008 / missallaneous

Roma Day

Thursday was a beautiful Roma-themed day :)

Hanging out with Via della Lungaretta roommate and my absolute favouritest museum buddy, Katie*, we had a gloriously nostalgic walk down via di memoria…

We went to the SAM to see the exhibition of Roman Art from the Louvre and Lorenzo Ghiberti’s absolutely a-mah-zing “gates of paradise”, all the way from the baptistry in Florence. Have to admit, I was uber disappointed to find that only 3 of the 10 panels were on display (the Adam & Eve, David & Goliath, and Cain & Abel panels, Alicia). First, we thought the SAM was ripping us off. Then, we realised that only five of them had been restored at all, and that the rest were still being cleaned and beautified in Firenze. Sigh…

So to mollify ourselves, we decided to complete our Roma Day by doing what we always did after a satisfying but exhausting day at a museum: Gelato!

Nocciola (Hazulnut) + Tiramisu gelato = YUMM. It’s amazing how tastes take you right back to such specific places in our lives.

I can’t believe that I was in Roma a whole year ago. Crazy…. but mm, what a good day :)

(* Here’s where I tried to upload a photo with Katie and I, but I couldn’t resize it and it was waay too big. So just imagine.)

**EDIT: It just came to my attention that this post sounds more disappointed in the exhibit than excited. Which is not true! Well, I was a little disappointed, but only because the 3 panels I saw were so incredible I was just dying to see more. So you MUST go to the SAM if you can – before the baptistry doors leave!! You won’t regret it… it’s pretty breathtaking :)



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  1. ivjusticeleague / Mar 9 2008 11:49 pm

    I almost went to SAM also – but I guess I didn’t miss out too much?

  2. missallaneous / Mar 10 2008 10:12 am

    No, no… you HAVE to go! I was disappointed because it’s so amazing I wish I got to see all the panels! So, so, so amazing. Everyone: GO to the SAM before the Ghiberti gates leave!

    In fact, I think I should edit my post.

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