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April 8, 2011 / missallaneous

Anarchy in the UK

I’m a big fan of:

1. Tea time

Have to have it. Tea time is big with my family and I’m a sucka for tea with milk and sugar and a nice/rich tea/custard cream biscuit around late afternoon. If you’re at our house at around 5pm, you’ll find that everybody sorta stops what they’re doing for a coffee/tea and biscuit break.

2. Stephen Colbert

He makes me laugh. Often, out loud.

3. British royal family hoo ha

I’m not sure why, but the drama is so compelling. And the whole William&Kate royal wedding is ridiculous and disgustingly extravagant, but it totally sucks me in. Maybe it’s the colonial heritage. It’s embarassing, really.

Mr Colbert hilariously combines all three in a priceless high tea etiquette session with British royal analyst, Hugo Vickers, in preparation for the royal wedding. Watch it here for a laugh.

High tea etiquette with Stephen Colbert

“Stiff upper lip”


Via Gawker


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